Smiling the only way I knew how. (With my dad in ‘93)

Smiling the only way I knew how. (With my dad in ‘93)

My name is Chelsea, and I’m an actress and producer living with my husband and two rescue bunnies in Los Angeles, CA. I started in entertainment several years ago as a graphic designer, but in the past year have shifted my focus to acting. For a list of projects I’ve been apart of, please visit my IMDb:

Earlier this year I wrote a pilot called Halloween Club, a dark comedy about a group of misfits who work at a year round halloween outlet store taking place in the late 90’s. Want to know more? I will be hosting a staged reading later this summer - details TBA very soon!!

I like bunnies and painting, and I eat a lot of bean and cheese burritos from Taco Bell. I am currently learning Tagalog. My father is of Pacific Islander descent/Filipino and my mother is caucasian. I am often told I look hispanic and people assume so (also my last name is Javier) which is just fine with me! I’ve been advised to become fluent in Spanish for my casting. One thing at a time people! Jk.

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Currently seeking representation!